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About Me

Who I am & What I do

Hello, I’m Sam Wood

I’m a web designer and developer located near Bournemouth on the UK’s sunny south coast.

I’m passionate about designing and developing clean and minimal websites for a range of clients and startup businesses. I pride myself on providing rich media interfaces using latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup for desktop and mobile platforms, as well as modern development techniques using jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

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What skills I can offer

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html5 & css3

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php & mysql

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What I get up to

When I’m not behind a computer making the magic happen, I like to spend my time doing a variety of hobbies

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Dog Walking

One of my favourite ways to unwind and enjoy the beautiful south coast and New Forest National Park is walking with my 5 year old Cockapoo, Cody.

Having had Golden Retrievers for company all my life, it was time to get a sensible size dog for my wife and me in our new 'snug' home. After only a short few months of quiet we decided to rescue a 4 year bundle of fluffy joy! We enjoy running and walking together around the beautiful trails and tracks of the New Forest.

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In the last few years I have taken to running around the roads and trails where I live for both fun and fitness. To help motivate myself, I have entered into a few various running events including 5k, 10k and half marathons.

I have now completed two Tough Mudder and one Rough Runner events where I have been electrocuted, dunked, squeezed and frozen in series of assault course obstacles that tested both my mental and physical limitations.

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Film and Cinema

Ever since my dad took us to the local video shop to hire films out on classic VHS, I have been obsessed with films and cinema. Between my brothers and I, over some years we have collected over a thousand DVD's, some of which I must have seen over 20 times each!

I love going to the cinema and catching the latest blockbusters with family and friends.

Some of my favourite films of all time have to be Braveheart, Despicable Me 2, Forrest Gump, Blow, Wall-E, Se7en and obviously ... Mrs Doubtfire!

Despicable Me
Forrest Gump


After deciding to dig deep into our pockets a few years ago, my brother and I went halves in buying a Nikon D5100, and haven’t looked back since. Photography has become a real hobby of mine and I love the satisfaction of capturing that really special photo.

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World Travel

I have been a keen traveller throughout my adult years.

Straight after my school years were over, my close friend and I spent 4 months travelling through Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Los Angeles, making this one of the best experiences of my life.

I have also been fortunate enough to visit Canada several times as well as an amazing recent Honeymoon spent in Bali with my new wife.

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As far as competitive sport goes, my #1 has got to be squash. I play every week against one of my closest friends at a local sports centre, even dragging myself up at 8am every Saturday morning!

Not being a great lover of a gym, squash is a perfect way of gaining stamina, endurance, reaction and decision making...not to mention keeping the waistline under control!

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A final big passion of mine is hitting the slopes skiing. My first taste came on a family holiday back in 2004 for a two week ski holiday to Canada, and since have been another four times to amazing resorts including Cypress Mountain (Canada), Whistler (Canada), Big White (Kelowna – Canada) and Val d’Isère (3 Valleys – France).

I love to challenge myself and skiing is a great way of pushing myself harder to more extreme levels, by taking on some of the hardest pistes and off-piste runs they have to offer. I’ve yet to attempt snowboarding but plan to on my next visit which has been on hold due to pursuing my University degree.

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What I can do for you

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I consider that design forms the core of any website, however big or small. I dedicate time to develop your ideas into a visual concept that will communicate your message and capture your imagination.

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I bring to life designs into working code using modern HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript practices to ensure your site maximises efficiency and communication with your audience.

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Responsive Design

I believe in producing responsive websites focused on content, not device, to make sure your websites content optimises on desktop, mobile and tablet to reach the widest audience possible.

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Logo Design & Branding

I help to transform business ideas into recognisable brands by capturing your identity and creating logo concepts using latest design software.

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Content Management

I ensure that you are able to manage your websites content using either custom and open content management systems, made bespoke to your business needs.

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With millions of websites on the web, I ensure latest search engine optimisation techniques are applied to boost your rankings to establish your place in a crowded market.


What I have been up to

Canine Partners

Responsive Wordpress website

(CHS work)

Byron Hamburgers

Responsive Web App - Front end build

(CHS work)

Hollybrook Infant School

Website redesign / CMS

(Freelance client)

Email Proofing Tool

Custom email preview & proofing interface

(CHS work)


Responsive website redesign (Uni & Client)

Competition Winner!

Sam Wood Web Design

Responsive personal

Hollybrook Control Panel

Custom CMS

(Freelance client)

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The Complete Sweep

Logo Design and Business Cards

(Freelance Client)


Let's make something awesome together!

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